Now on Sale: Lair of the WaterWolf

The Multi award winning short film ‘Lair of the WaterWolf’ now extended to a 27min feature... Containing ‘never seen before’ and ‘first time caught on camera’ behavioural footage of Pack-hunting Perch and the infamous Pike. Including courting, mating and threat displays ... A ‘must have’ for any wildlife, underwater and of course fishing and Pike enthusiasts... Includes Scene selector: Skip to your favourite scenes and Special feature: In the company of wolves Join Dean as he enters the Pikes lair and tries to capture Esox Lucius on film (Not the BBC2 ‘Dean the diving decorator’ film)

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Lair of the Waterwolf
Filmed & Narrated: Dean Burman
BBFC Classification: E exempt
© Dean Burman MMX

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