Some of my achievements to date:

Um-El-Faroud... From Tragedy To Tourism: Released 2005

This was my first attempt at, what I called, serious filmmaking. In 1995 a fatal explosion ripped through a Syrian registered oil tanker that was dry-docked in the Mediterranean Island of Malta. The explosion killed nine Maltese shipyard workers and this sent an emotional shock wave through the whole island. Now sunk as a memorial and artificial reef she is one of Malta’s star underwater attractions and a simply impressive sight to all those who visit her. I decided to make this documentary style film because of the sad story that surrounds the wreck and the amazing sites you can see on her from the battle for survival between enormous schools of baitfish and the aggressive Amberjacks to the eye opening interior workings of this metal colossus, I proudly received 6 international amateur film awards for this film including Moscow, Spain and a double at the Guernsey International film festival (pictured)...

Lair of the WaterWolf: Released 2007

Taking onboard my love for wildlife, the advice given to me By the late eminent filmmaker Nick Gordon and some funding problems (i had to pay for everything myself) i decided to concentrate on some ‘homegrown’ talent. After a lot of research i came to the conclusion that most of our native species have been covered in one way or another. So once again i donned my scuba gear and headed off to film an infamous freshwater legend The Pike (Esox Lucius). Lair of the Waterwolf was a real labour of love, even the aspect of diving in water that could drop to 3oc didn’t deter me from filming this amazing creature. Spending day after day in two territories I finally witnessed and captured some unique behavioural footage. This was the filmmaking i’d dreamt of knuckling down to some real, testing hard work and uncovering secrets that helped to change peoples impressions of my subject. Lair of the Waterwolf went on to win 8 international film awards to date, including North Cyprus, Belgrade and again at Moscow. It also won the appreciation of eminent Natural History filmmaker Peter Scoones at the British Underwater Film Festival and some sequences are featured heavily in the primetime, blue chip BBC one series ‘The Nature Of Britain’ with TV personality Alan Titchmarsh (Picture below). Also on the back of this the BBC Natural History unit made a short documentary about me called ‘Dean the Diving Decorator’ which featured on BBC2 with nearly 2 million viewers.

Media work:


Deadly 60... BBC Second camera and Scientific advisor on this awesome series for the CBBC (Childrens BBC) channel.

NHK EUROPE... Filming some of our lovely freshwater characters for the Japanese TV station including Great crested newts

THE ONESOW... BBC1 weekday primetime programme, While helping my good friend Simon Spear out filming Dogfish (Scyliorhinus canicula Scyliorhinidae) off the coast of Pembrokeshire for his excellent film Sharks in British seas I was asked to meet up, once again, with the prestigious Natural History Unit for an interview with presenter Miranda Krestivnikof. There we talked about the pleasures of diving off the UK coast and of course ‘Dogfish’ and their plight...

DEAN THE DIVING DECORATOR... BBC2 A 10min programme about me.

THE NATURE OF BRITAIN ‘FRESHWATER BRITAIN’... BBC1 Scientific advisor to the Natural History Unit and supplied footage.

PLANET EARTH... BBC1 I had the pleasure of Helping prominent cameraman Tim Shepherd with a set construction on this momentous series.

SPRINGWATCH... BBC2 supplied footage of Ducklings leaping from a shop window-box being caught by passers by

COUNTRYLIVES... ITV supplied underwater footage

BBC OXFORD... Interview for local television

Radio Radio interview with Nigel Botherway

Regional Radio... BBC radio Oxford and BBC radio Worcestrshire


BBC WILDLIFE MAGAZINE... I was honoured to write a feature about the infamous Pike in this prestigeous magazine

DIVE MAGAZINE... Once again the pike gave me a chance to tell my story in one of the UK’s top Sport diving magazines

PIKE & PREDATOR... As the name suggests the pike takes centre roll

PIKELINES... Interview

Picture Credits: Scott Howling / Jens Hucke / Simon Bell